Friday, April 22, 2011

Your paypal address is wrong on blog

You, not .com

Ja ja ja. I keep telling you that I need a "Keeper". Thank you SO VERY MUCH, Miss Marianne. I didn't catch this until you brought it to my attention. I think that you will make a Wonderful Keeper for Crazy Judyth. So... without further a do:
My paypal account is:

This picture is from I really like this design. It says: In a Purrfect World, Every Home would have a Cat and Every Cat would have a Home. The following quote is from the ordering page for this project:
"We LOVE our cats! My Mr. Kitty is very special furry friend, a rescue cat who lives at my house. This RedWork design honors ALL kitties in the world. Make a difference in the life of these critters and make a RedWork for your special cat. Part of ALL the proceeds for this design will be donated to the ASPCA to care for animals in need. Please visit to help even more! We are sponsors and love doing it.

They also have a design for Dogs. I like the fact that they advertize that "All proceeds go to help animals in need.

Again, Thank you, Marianne, VERY Much.
Gotta get ready to go Garage Sale-ing in the rain.

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