Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bird Brain Designs issued another FREE printable pattern today. They call it "Every Mother.....", I call it "adorable". NAYY (Not Affiliated, Yada,Yada). This is so cute and I can see it done on a patch. Here's a tiny:

I tried to post a picture here but it didn't work.
Anyway, check it out.

Monday, April 25, 2011

And yet... more books

OK, until I go through the ones I "think" I want to keep, this is the last of them. I do hope you find something.

1. Miniature Quilts by Margaret Boyles, Excellent condition. Hardbound, Dust Jacket, @1995, 168 pages. I bought this several years ago and paid $24.95 plus shipping. I'd like $7.50 plus Media postage. Has a really great CQed Christmas Stocking pattern.

I have several "Embroidery" magazines and some "Sew Beautiful". I need to sort through my "Inspirations" as well. Is there any interest in these?

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Books: List #3

Here are more books. If you see one that you'd like, Make me an OFFER. I really, really need to move these out. Will ship Media Mail.

1. Simple Basketry for Homes and Schools. Including "Willow Basketry for Women". By Mabel Roffey. @ 1948. 92 pages. Has instructions for weaving a "An Expermental Nest Basket for wild Birds. Neat looking. If I only had time............. @2.00 plus shipping.

2.Sun Dials and Roses of Yesterday. Garden Delights which are here displayed in very truth and are moreover regarded as Emblems. By Alice Morse Earle. @1902.462 pages. Hardbound, Cover needs reglued. Hand written note in the back says: "A gift from Virginia Childers when failing health compelled her to sell her home and garden. She could keep only a few of her many books. Bonabeth G. Brickell." Hand writing is of an older woman. The section of Sun-dial Mottoes is very neat, my opinion. $10.00 plus shipping.

4. Dollmaking for the first time. by Miriam Gourley. Hardbound, @2004. Excellent condition except for name label inside front cover. Has some GREAT homemade doll patterns for dolls and their clothing. The leather Moccasins are adorable!! 112 pages. $10.00 plus shiping

5. Storybook Quilting by Jennifer L. Baker. The Chilton Needlework Series. @1985, 195 pages. Old Library book. Has some neat patterns for things to make for children. $2.50 plus postage.

6. Scandinavian Patterns for Counted Thread Embroidery. by Claudia Riiff Finseth. Softbound, 182 pages, @ 1987. $5.00 plus postage

10. Christmas Crafts to Make Ahead. BH&G publication.@1983. 80 pages, hardbound, very good condition. Has a pattern for a Elegant Beaded Angel that is nice. $2.50 plus shipping.

11. Crocheting and Knitting with 50 plus projects for your home. Traditional and Contemporary designs with easy to follow patterns. Another BH&G publication. (Better Homes and Gardens). 96 pages, hardbound, @1977, Some different Granny Square patterns. $2.50 plus postage.

12. The Nature of Design. A Quilt Artist's Personal Journal. Joan Colvin. A Fiber Studio Press. @1996, 128 pages. Got wet sometime. Pages still in good condition. Softbound, Neat reading and kinda gets creative juices flowing. $2.50 plus shipping.

16. Venessa-Ann's 101 Christmas Ornaments. @1992. Hardbound, Good to excellent condition. 160 pages. different mediums. $7.50 plus postage.

17. Crafts for All Seasons. L. Bodger & D. Ephron. Hardbound, dust jacket shows some wear.@ 1980. 111 pages. Has embroidery pattern for different flowers. $4.00 plus.

That's it for now. I still have two tall stacks under my round oak table to sort through. Thanks for looking. I hope you found a book that you gotta have! ja ja ja

Friday, April 22, 2011

Your paypal address is wrong on blog

You, not .com

Ja ja ja. I keep telling you that I need a "Keeper". Thank you SO VERY MUCH, Miss Marianne. I didn't catch this until you brought it to my attention. I think that you will make a Wonderful Keeper for Crazy Judyth. So... without further a do:
My paypal account is:

This picture is from I really like this design. It says: In a Purrfect World, Every Home would have a Cat and Every Cat would have a Home. The following quote is from the ordering page for this project:
"We LOVE our cats! My Mr. Kitty is very special furry friend, a rescue cat who lives at my house. This RedWork design honors ALL kitties in the world. Make a difference in the life of these critters and make a RedWork for your special cat. Part of ALL the proceeds for this design will be donated to the ASPCA to care for animals in need. Please visit to help even more! We are sponsors and love doing it.

They also have a design for Dogs. I like the fact that they advertize that "All proceeds go to help animals in need.

Again, Thank you, Marianne, VERY Much.
Gotta get ready to go Garage Sale-ing in the rain.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

List #2 of Books for sale

Books for Sale List #2 Here is the second listing of books that I'd like to part with. Postage can be combined. Offers can be considered. Paypal is my email address: Or check, MO, or well hidden cash. I have many more books so watch for “List #3”. CJ

Good Housekeeping New Complete Book of NEEDLECRAFT. Second edition, 1971, 548 pages. Hardbound. Dust jacket torn in a couple places. Smudge along bottom. Good to Fair Condition. $4.00 plus shipping.

Lee Wards Illustrated Library of Arts and Crafts. Four volume set. Hardbound. Unable to locate date. 832 pages total. All in Good condition. $8.00 plus postage for the 4 books.

Home Decorating With Knitting and Crochet. Distributed by National Handcraft Institute, Des Moines, Iowa. Copyright: 1977. 128 pages. (Nice section of Crochet Flowers and Leaves. Fair Condition. $2.00 plus postage.

Counted Cross-Stitch Patterns and Designs by the Swedish Handcraft Society. Paper back. English translation copyright 1981. Fair to Good Condition. 72 pages. And, Milly Smith's Folk Art Mini's. Leisure Arts Leaflet 338. 6 pages. Shows shelf wear. $2.50 plus postage for both.

Greystone's Creative Hands. Vol. 16. Hardbound. @ 1975. Fair Condition. Has some “Blackwork”, “Metal Thread Embroidery”, and so on. $1.00 plus postage.

Needlepoints to Go. Small Projects for Spare Moments. By Brande Ormond. Hardbound. Never mind, I'm going to keep this one for the cute designs that can be worked on even weave Linen.

Sculptured Needlepoint stitchery by Ella J. Projansky. Hardbound, 132 pages, dust jacket torn, @1978. $1.00 plus More Needlepoint from America's Great Quilt Designs. By M. K. Davis and Helen Giammattei. Featuring Coverlets and Samplers. Hardbound. Dust jacket shows some wear. @1977. Has date written inside front cover. 208 pages. $1.00 plus postage.

The Ultimate Guide to Wonderful Wearables. Paperback, 168 pages. Cost of postage.

The MaCall's Book Of Quilts. 7th copyright 1975. 160 pages. Has a neat CQ table runner. Hard bound. Very good condition except for a tear in the dust jacket. $5.00 plus postage.

Ann Benson's Beadwear. Making Beaded Accessories and Adornments. Dust Jacket shows wear. Hardbound, 144 pages. @1994. $10.00 plus postage.

Embellishing with Beads by Nancy Nehring. Hard bound. Excellent condition. 128 pages. @2003. Excellent “Stitching with Beads” section. Sequin roses......... I bought this one new and paid $28.00 + shipping. Selling it for $18.00 plus postage.

Painting with Stitches. Creating Freestyle Embroidery by Hand. Sue Dove. Paperback, 128 pages, @2004. Like New. Ideas for stitching designs on patches. $15.00 plus postage.

Thanks for looking, CJ

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Books for sale, list #1

Books for sale

As these books are sold I will delete them from this list. OK? So if it was there and now it's gone, that means that it is really gone! ja ja ja

Joan Fisher's Guide to Embroidery. Hardbound, 1973. Dust Jacket shows wear. 144 pages. $5.00.

The Craft of Silk and Gold Thread Embroidery and Stump Work by Erica Wilson. Paperback, 96 pages, copyright, 1973. Good condition, has name written on inside. $5.00

Victorian Crochet, Mini Christmas Tree and Ornaments, pamphlet, adorable little projects good for MOTIFS. (probably oughta keep this, but....) $1.00.

Crazy Quilting with Attitude by Barbara Randle. Paperback, 128 pages, 2003. New condition, $15.00

A Quilter's Christmas by Marti Michell, Rodale Quilt Book. Hardbound, 1993, 264 pages. Like new except for some fingerprint smudges inside back cover. $10.00

An American Sampler * 1990 Country Cross-Stitch Designs by Ellen Stouffer.144 pages. Very Good Condition showing some shelf life. $10.00

The Needlepoint Book, 303 Stitches with patterns and projects. By Jo Ippolito Christensen, 384 pages, 1976. Hardbound, Dust jacket shows wear and has small tear. $15.00.

LeeWard's Complete Library of Needlecraft. Vol. 2. Good condition, Has date written inside front cover, March 24, 1975. Has good Embroidery section as well as Needlepoint, Rug Making and Macramé. $5.00 WAIT, WAIT, I found 3 more of this set.

Mary Rhodes' Needlepoint, The art of Canvas Embroidery. Hardbound, Very Good condition, 1975 second edition, interesting patterns and stitches. $7.50

End of list #1. List #2 has some bead/beading/bead embroidery books. Just as soon as I get time.....


p.s. Reasonable offers considered.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What a nightmare!

I lost my old blogger and trying to set up another using familur names and all... BUT!!! Crazy Judyth's is back on line. I have so much to do, photos to take and post and a very, very, long list of books I want to sell. Oh, JOY! It's so good to be back! If you are linked to the old CJ'S blog, you might want to delete that one and add this one to you list of blogs. Oh Happy Day!!! Love and Hugs, CJ